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The Anniversary by Richard Savage #MysticDesire #richardsavage #shortstory #anthology #halloween #supernaturalWelcome to my Sassy Sunday Spotlight!

Today I am featuring author Richard Savage and his hero in his short story THE ANNIVERSARY which is in the supernatural anthology MYSTIC DESIRE


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Welcome, Richard! Which character is the hero in your short story ‘The Anniversary’ from the anthology Mystic Desire?

It is an interesting question and the answer rather depends on your point of view.  There are two male characters in this story and either on could be regarded as the hero.  First reading your question I immediately thought Peter was the hero, although James in a way is a hero is every bit the hero. Though telling you why would be a spoiler.

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Ah! Cryptic huh?

Which character did you have the most fun writing?


Another good question, Peter is a bit of a naughty boy, I think it is fun playing with that side of your nature, so I did very much enjoy writing from his point of view.  Though I did also enjoy writing Evelyn. It is challenging writing with a female voice, I suspect in the same way as it is for women to right male characters. So it was fun writing her too.


Which character surprised you? 

James, his acceptance. As a character he flowed easily for me, yet I don’t really see any of myself in him.  Seemed a nice guy, the sort of man you would want to socialise with. Which surprised me, I hadn’t planned him to be like that.

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 If I were to ask Evelyn one question, what would it be and what would she answer? 

You are good with tricky questions, Evelyn, how do you see your submission to Peter? And how do you reconcile that with being a modern, independent woman?  

Her reply would be: My submission to Peter is my gift to him. It is my gift, I am not a doormat, I am not submissive in other way or under other circumstances.  At work I am assertive and I won’t take crap from anyone. With Peter, I choose to give myself totally to him, it is how we show our love.



Will we be hearing anything more from any of your characters in ‘The Anniversary’? 

Sadly not, I felt that these characters travelled their path during this story.  I think it comes to a good conclusion. There are plenty of new characters to discover and write about.


When you write do you have any kind of routine or ritual to help you get started, especially when looking at a blank page? 


I have never felt intimidated by the blank page.  In fact quite the opposite. A blank page is a new clean start.  When starting a story, I have a section at the top where I put my characters and note characteristics so I can flick back to it to avoid continuity errors.   Then I write the briefest of plots, from start to finish. This gives me a path, I may not stick to that path but it gives me a frame of reference if I get lost.

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Next book?  

I have a few in the pipeline, watch this space.


Where can we find out more?

Mystic Desire




Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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13 thoughts on “THE ANNIVERSARY Sassy Sunday Spotlight ~ Hero #Interview with #author Richard Savage @BVSbooks

  1. THank you so much Sassy Brit, it was a pleasure to be here. Really thought provoking questions, which made it interesting for me, I hope also for the readers. Mystic Desire had been great to be a part of, feels great to be back writing again.

    Thank you for having me,

    1. You are very welcome! Thank you for allowing me to grill you! 🙂 Hope to read more from you soon.

  2. Hi Ric and Brit:
    Great interview.
    Ric, I loved that you the author couldn’t decide which man, Peter or James was the hero. I can’t wait to read, The Anniversary, to find out why you felt that way.

    1. can’t say too much about why, there is the conflict with the two heros. But as authors, and I suspect you feel the same, we have sympathy with our characters. They all have there good and bad points. Peter or James are both heros, but in very different ways 🙂

  3. Sounds like a good read Ric.I already like Evelyn. She seems feisty and confident. My type of lady! I also love your take on the blank page. A new start? Great way to look at it instead of running away from the computer in tears. lol

    1. yes, my art background, there is nothing like starting a brand new pad. hemingway called the blank page the white bull, something scary … i just see a fresh start and the possibilities 🙂

  4. Great interview, thank you Ric and Brit! I really look forward to reading the story, I love a triangle!

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