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The Mills and Boon Modern Girls Guide to HAPPY HOUR with Tracy-Jane!


Book Beginnings:

With Gilion Dumas of RoseCityReader @GilionDumas

Friday 56:

With Fredasvoice @fredalicious and on Instagram as @fredasphotos #Friday56

Hopefully, above, you can actually see my Instagram pictures! On Instagram you have to swipe to see all the pictures, since I clumped together both my Book Beginnings and Friday56 posts.

Just in case you can’t see beyond the first photo, here’s the Friday 56 sentence below:


It’s actually a picture!


I chose this one, because it’s literally how you should imagine me getting so many parcels to review every day. My postwoman and all the various courier men and women all know me by first name, and they ALWAYS give me one of THEIR LOOKS at the amount of parcels they have to keep delivering LOL  I guess I keep them employed… 😀


My First Thoughts:

I rarely mention my real name online, as I’ve been Sassy Brit on here for about ten years (possibly more) and I kind of like the whole Sassy British Book Reviewer theme. Online that IS ME. But there will be a lot of new readers who don’t know that my real name is Tracy-Jane. And this PERSONALISED book is all about me! LOL

I ❤ this! A a Mills and Boon Insider @MillsandBoonUK very kindly sent me a copy of this to review, and it was a complete surprise when it turned up. What’s more this is a genuinely #funny, feisty, #feminist foray into what it takes to be #ModernGirls these days!  This would make a great gift, especially with Christmas around the corner! (Yes! It’s roughly about 11 weeks until Christmas! – Don’t groan!)

Review coming soon.

If you have already read this book, (or in this case a personalised one like it?) what did you think? Feel free to link up your review to this post.


The Mills and Boon Modern Girls Guide to HAPPY HOUR with Tracy-Jane!


What are you currently reading?

I can’t wait to find out!

Have a great weekend full of reading. Hope you’ve got lots of things lined up that you are looking forward to.

Luv Sassy


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18 thoughts on “#TGIF! #Friday56 read w/ #Instagram56 & #bookbeginnings Modern Girls Guide to HAPPY HOUR #AdaAdverse @MillsandBoonUK #MillsAndBoom @GilionDumas @fredalicious #FollowFriday!

  1. How cool that it is personalized like that! I haven’t ever gotten a personalized book like this–although I did get one for my daughter last Christmas. It not only includes my daughter’s name but also involves the city we live in. There’s even a page with the picture of our neighborhood. It’s really cool and she loves it. 🙂

    This does sound like a fun book! I hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you! Yes, it’s quite often that personalised books are for children, which is why this one is so fun, it’s definitely aimed at grown women, which makes such a refreshing change! 🙂

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