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Emma Goes to Hollywood, Relax, Just Do It! Professor Chester @muhldune

“EMMA” is a snapshot of dynamic social change in the United States, offering characters that carry you through the greatest Era since the Enlightenment; characters who show defiance and spunk, who made the world take notice: like Harry and Meghan! 

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#BookChat ~ Discussion Time: The New Order of Publishing; Can Black Authors Write as White People From A First Person Point Of View? #amreading #AltRead

Good Morning, Everyone!  

Welcome to another “Book Chat” discussion time post, here at

Today Author, Professor Dewey Edwards Chester and I, may be stirring up a right hornets nest, but it’s an interesting topic, and one we shouldn’t be shy of discussing. “Book Racism” I’ve seen a fair bit of this online myself and wanted to ask you, dear readers, what you thought about all this and have created this discussion post, so you can have your say!  

I normally stay away from subjects which may cause controvesy, but when Professor Dewey Edward Chester reached out to me, I felt it was important to share, and thought, maybe it’s time I changed.

Looking forward to chatting. Thank you!

So, onwards and upwards…

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