SSSS: A Ghost of a Chance! (Writing Prompt).

Today our Author in the Spotlight, Karen Mercury, is sharing with us her Sassy Sunday Story Starter

“For the love of Mike!” cried Wallingford, nearly jumping from his tennis shoes at the sight of his partner, Fowler.  “I thought you were a ghost!”
But the transparent, sunken, and oddly green image of Fowler just hovered there at the edge of the cliff, saying nothing.

Going to California.  It’s three thousand miles nearer to hell.
Mountain man Cormack Bowmaker meets up with Zelnora Sparks on the eve of California’s great rush—the discovery of gold.    Zelnora is fleeing from her mentor, the mighty businessman Brannagh.  They are being shadowed by the most scandalous Spanish bandit in the frontier.  Joaquin Valenzuela wants to rob them of their gold, but soon discovers a desire for much more.  Californians call for the pickled head of Valenzuela in a jar, but his passion for the two Americans overpowers his zeal for mayhem.
They band together in their quest for riches, love, and the good life.  Bowmaker is a sharpshooter, his aim true.  Valenzuela will slit the throat of anyone who wanders by.  Zelnora knows where to find the gold.  And Brannagh will do everything it takes to stop them.
They are about to discover the frontier—within themselves.

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January 2011
Author in the Spotlight

Karen Mercury
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