SSSS: (4th Sept) — Can you finish Cheryl Rainfield’s writing prompt?

This week’s writing prompt is from author Cheryl Rainfield:

I didn’t want to look, didn’t want to keep watching, but I forced myself to keep my eyes open, and see it all.

 As a child, Cassie watched as an angry mob killed her father, murdering him for being a Para. Since then, she and her mother have been on the run from government troopers, and constantly searching for her missing brother who disappeared during the riots. When Cassie starts at a new school she thinks she will have to do what she’s always done–blend in as hard as she can, and never, ever let anyone know she’s a Para–able to read people’s thoughts. But then she meets Alex, a fellow swimmer who she starts to fall for hard, as well as Rachel, one of her first true friends, and she finds herself not wanting to hide any more. But the government is closing in, and someone is killing Paras, draining of them of their life energy. Cassie knows that she doesn’t have much time before her identity is discovered. Ultimately, she must make the decision whether to save herself or save the whole human race.
YA Paranormal Fantasy (October 2011)
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