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It began with a family gathering – it ended in a bloodbath.

When the Harrington family rent a private island to celebrate their dad’s 70th birthday, old lies resurface, resulting in a murderous revenge.

Ben Harrington is stuck.

He’s recently separated from his wife of over twenty years, leaving his almost adult son and daughter feeling angry and betrayed.

What’s more, his daughter Alice has cerebral palsy and he can’t forgive himself for letting her down when she needed him most.

Ben left the family house due to an ill-advised fling with Laura resulting in an unplanned pregnancy.

But all that is the least of Ben’s troubles.

It’s his dad Tony’s 70th birthday and he and his wife Susan have invited the family over to a remote tropical island in order to mark the occasion.

That should be cause for celebration, but there are terrible secrets lurking in the Harrington family which are about to burst out into the open – siblings Steve, Ben, Gaby and Richard are all caught up in this web of deceit.

So Many Lies follows the story of the Harringtons through a series of life-changing lies, dating back to 1979, and as the story builds towards the big celebration, so does the gravity of the lies which brought the family to where they are when we meet them in the book.

Thought your family was screwed up? Wait until you meet the Harringtons …

Paul Teague writes thrillers, sci-fi and non-fiction books.
Writing as Paul J. Teague, he is the author of the Don’t Tell Meg and Morecambe Bay trilogies as well as several standalones such as Dead of Night, Now You See Her (with Adam Nicholls) and So Many Lies.
Paul is a former teacher, DJ, waiter and BBC radio producer, presenter and journalist.


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Oh, reading So Many Lies by Paul. J. Teague was such a fun experience! The beginning instantly pulled me in with a party invitation to a guy’s seventieth birthday party. But this is not just any old party! It’s an all expenses paid, week long holiday in Singapore, on a private island for the whole Harrington family!  What could possibly go wrong?
Simple answer, lots! (And it’s not just what’s going on at the party, but past events, too).
In the first chapter Ben Harrington (the son), wakes up with a banging headache and the events of the previous night come flooding back… cut to – “Oh my God. What have we done? What the hell have we done?” the words he ends chapter one with..
And boy, have they messed up, big time! Or had they. They ALL seemed pretty good at keeping secrets, why would this one be any different?
A fast, and cleverly plotted read, full of manipulation, secrets and lies that seem to have no end. Let’s just say if I was in this family there’d be a few things I’d change. First thing would be to go full on vegetarian. Secondly, not to admit that I do know who Duran Duran are…
Have fun in reading this one! I did!

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