SNEAK PEEK: at Sex Me Replete – Children of the Triad Series-Book 3-Coming Jan. 15th at eXtasy Books

Here’s a sneak peek at Sex Me Replete, book 3 of the Children of The Triad Series. Cover for book one shown. This is menage a quatre, another first for us. It’s scheduled for release on January 15th. I don’t have the cover or blurb yet, but thought I’d give you all a taste…

Excerpt: Unedited and subject to change…

Roman and Royce Dri’Vane circled each other, each determined to strike the other first with their dulled practice swords. Though no enemy ships had landed recently on Verbana, they and the other warrior Hienial-Halflings trained constantly for just such an occurrence. If ever the enemy returned to this planet intent on recapturing their slave cargo, the Halflings would be ready for them. Never again would another enslave their people—not and live.

As sweat began to drip down Roman’s face and into his eyes, he watched his
twin brother, Royce, ruthlessly, looking for an opening so he could end this
evenly matched sparring session. Already, he and Royce had spent nearly half
this dawning in the practice ring as the other warriors looked on, waiting
their turn. And, truth to tell, the heat of the twin suns had started to
roast him hours ago. He couldn’t wait until he could quench his thirst at
the fresh water spring just outside their village, and pick a Voba fruit
from the tree that grew along side its banks. Even now, he could almost
taste its tart nectar tingling on his tongue.

“Daydreaming again, Roman?” Royce mocked.
Roman snorted, tossed his sword to his right hand and lunged for his brother
“Hmm…Just imagining you groveling at my feet, begging me to show mercy once
I strip you of your blade, brother.”
“Now I know you’re dreaming. You haven’t bested me at swordsmanship since we
were both old enough to lift one.”

Again, Roman tossed his sword, back to his left hand, as he continued to
circle his brother. It wouldn’t be long now before Royce dropped his left
shoulder as he lunged across the practice circle. It helped that, as twins,
they could practically read each other’s minds before a thought even formed,
predict each others actions before they were taken. It made them formidable
in both strategy and battle. None of the other warrior pairs had been able
to match the power and prowess of him and his twin.

When Royce made his move, Roman was ready, sidestepping Royce’s attack.
Roman spun around as Royce stepped passed him, and slapped the flat of his
blade across his brother’s ass. Laughter from their fellow warriors echoed
through the glen as Royce turned toward Roman and gave him a half-bow. “Well
done, big brother. Until next time.”

Before he could drop his brother’s grip, the sky above grew dark. The ground
shook. Fata Birds screeched from above. Hot wind seared his skin. “By the
Goddess, what is happening?”

Beside him, Royce shook his head, his gaze fixed at the sky above. “Look. A
ship, and it’s coming in fast.”

Roman shook out of his stupor, faced his fellow warriors. “You all know what
to do. Royce and I will take point, the rest of you fan out to your
positions. Those assigned to guard and protect the village, move out. The
rest of you, await our orders. If something happens to us, you know what to

No one stopped to question Roman, instead following the protocol they’d
established for just this type of emergency. “As soon as we know where it’s
headed, you and I will track it, Royce.” Though he and his brother could
speak mind-to-mind, none of the other warriors were aware of it, so they
spoke out loud when others might overhear them.

Together, Roman and Royce, watched a ship the likes of which they’d never
before seen descend from the sky much to rapidly to be a controlled landing.
“Well, if it’s our enemies, it looks like they have trouble aboard.” Royce

Roman nodded. “And if they aren’t our enemy, then this might turn into a
rescue mission instead of a war.”
As they tracked the incoming ship across the sky, Royce sighed. “Either way,
it doesn’t look like we’ll be picking fruit this afternoon.”
Shaking his head at his brother’s wry sense of humor, Roman turned toward
the east. From the looks of things, the ship would find itself at least a
two-hour hike away from the village, somewhere near The Valley of Mist. “We
better head out. If there are innocents aboard that vessel, the longer it
takes to get there, the heavier the death rate will be. You know as well as
I that the Valley of Mist is not friendly to those that find themselves

Royce smirked then took off at a steady run, “race you.”
Chuckling at his brother’s antics, Roman followed behind, knowing that
whatever they found, it was bound to change their lives. For good or evil,
he didn’t know.

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Three men and one woman forge an alliance destined to thwart an unknown enemy. Sex Me Replete-Children of the Triad Series-Book 3-Coming Jan. 15th at eXtasy Books

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