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Show Don’t Tell
by Callie Carmen

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As a writer, I’m committed to improving my craft daily. I find so many ways to do that with articles, books on the subject, and blogs that authors have written. My editor, Laurie Sanders, is a wealth of information. She even teaches classes on how to become a better writer. My publisher, Richard Savage of Black Velvet Seductions, always has helpful ideas.

And then there’s Google. It sometimes feels like a close, intimate friend. One that I can ask just about anything. And believe me, I do. If I showed my Google research history to any of my friends, they’d think someone that looks like me had replaced me.

When I was working on my latest novel Joshua (Risking Love Book Five), I wanted a fresh way to describe puppy-dog-eyes. So I Googled it. I was pleasantly surprised to find this facial cheat sheet blog with pictures put together by Nicholas C. Rossis. It didn’t give pleading as an example, but I found these seven emotions shown as show-don’t-tell helpful. I thought you might too.

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Show-don’t-tell cheat sheet: facial expressions

Mar 9, 2014 | Blog hops tours & reblogsWriting

Authors often struggle with depictions of emotions. We’re supposed to show them, describe them. For example, “she was surprised by this” is a big no-no, and considered lazy writing.  “Her eyes widened and her mouth slacked”, on the other hand, gives us the very image of surprise, without ever mentioning the word.

As you can imagine, this can be tough. But fear not, for thirty years ago, Paul Ekman did cross-cultural research and identified seven basic human emotions. He identified the seven basic emotions through facial expressions. No matter where in the world, what culture, class, race, gender, or lighting, these seven facial expressions were identified across the board:

Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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15 thoughts on “‘Show Don’t Tell’ by @Callie_Carmen #Day15 #NaNoWriMo

  1. Hi Brit:
    You’re doing a great job with your NaNoWriMo participation.
    Thank you for posting Joshua’s blog I hope the show don’t tell tips help.

  2. There is some very useful advice here – I’ve shared to other writers as it’s fundamental to show don’t tell.

  3. Hi Gibby,
    Thank you. I’m glad you liked it. I can’t wait to hear what you think of Joshua.

    1. Hi Virginia,
      He looks a lot like Tim Roth, but I doubt that it’s him.
      Yes, he wears his heart on his sleeve.

  4. Gosh, Callie, this is a great, quick reference sheet! Thank you. I have an advance copy of Joshua (thank you!!), and I love it!

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