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The Sassy ‘Sunday Spotlight’ Author Feature!

This is a simple feature of your book, with cover, blurb, excerpt, buy now and social media links.

Sassy’s Sunday Spotlight: Where we focus on a different author every Sunday — be it a classic writer you know and love, a New York Times / Sunday Times bestseller, or an Indie Author deserving to step up into the spotlight and have their voice heard. See #All Interviews. Visit our previous Sunday Spotlighted authors here!

The Monday Movie Book Trailer Swap Feature

Also, if you’re filling in this form to show off your book trailer I can feature you during one of my ‘Monday Movie’ and ‘Music Monday’ features (all one promotion) Just leave your book trailer link and a link to your favourite (or your character’s favourite) song(s) from YouTube! (More info about this is at the bottom of this form).

What’s on your desk, Wednesday? Author Spotlight

If you would like to be featured on our “What’s on your desk, Wednesday?” Send pics of your desk, details of your writing routine and a book you’d like promoting.


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Monday Movie Book Trailer Swap Q&A

Q: What’s this all about?

A: Made a book trailer? Please feel free to leave the link to your YouTube trailer in the comments section below, so we can come and pay you a visit and watch. Not only do I enjoy making trailers myself, I love watching and adding them to my YouTube channel to share with others.

Q: How can this help me?

A: YouTube is a very popular place to promote your book in “movie” form. It’s seriously a great way to get more views and subscribers, which hopefully results in more book sales.

Q: How can YOU help me?

A: I’ll personally visit every trailer link and subscribe to your channel, too. Don’t forget, our readers might also do the same. So do support and follow each other. Let’s share our book love!

While you are there, please consider subscribing to my OhSassyOne YouTube channel, too. Thank you!

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Q: What’s the best thing about this?

 A: Apart from getting your book “out there” to a new audience, the best thing about this book promotion is it’s FREE! 


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