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Today we are really pleased to welcome back bestselling authors, Doug Preston and Lincoln Child, to Alternative-Read.com 

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Bloodless by Doug Preston and Lincoln Child


Bloodless by Doug Preston and Lincoln Child intertwines different genres:  historical, mystery, and science fiction. It delves into an unsolved heist, a brutal crime, and a case involving secrets, lies, and darkness.

The story begins with a true hijacking and theft. In 1971, D. B. Cooper took control of a passenger airliner, allowed them to deplane, and after getting a ransom payment parachuted into the dark Pacific Northwest night, never to be seen or heard of again. Now fifty years later, Agent Pendergast takes on a bizarre and gruesome case in the ghost-haunted city of Savannah, Georgia. Pendergast, his partner, Coldmoon, and his ward Constance, are diverted from traveling to their home by their boss. A strange murder has occurred where a body has been found completely drained of blood. The killer has been dubbed the “Infamous Savannah Vampire.” The heroes must also deal with a team filming a documentary about the haunted places of historic Savannah, an author on a mission to debunk all that, and a narcissistic Senator running for reelection, demanding quick answers about the murders as the body count mounts. At the heart of the mystery is a device that Pendergast claims is the answer to whoever or whatever is plaguing Savannah.

Although Pendergast is front and center, Coldmoon takes a back seat to Constance. The only clue they have is that the manager of the historic hotel, The Chandler House, where they are staying, is the first victim. Constance assists by befriending the reclusive hotel owner, Miss Felicity Winthrop Frost, rumored to have prolonged her life by drinking human blood and seen arguing with her manager. As Constance gains the elderly woman’s confidence, she is shocked by what she finds out, linking everything back to the kidnapping. 

A bonus is the vivid description of Savannah. The setting is quaint and atmospheric, dripping with Spanish moss and eerie, foggy mists. 

Blending reality with fantasy, readers at time must suspend their beliefs and let their imagination take over. The plot was engaging with engrossing characters.  Some of the plotline is left unfinished and will be wrapped up in the next two books of the series.


DP:  Constance’s story will start to get resolved with a lot of action.  We have no title or publication date but probably in the summer of 2022.  Coldmoon will be in book two to a certain extent.  We are not sure about book three.  In both books Pendergast will be front and center where readers can see his arrogance, idiosyncrasies, and impatience with those of lesser intelligence.

Elise Cooper:  How did you get the idea for the story?

Doug Preston: I have always been fascinated with the D. B. Cooper hijacking case.  It is one of the longest cases in the files of the FBI that has not been solved.  I asked Lincoln if we could base a novel around it that would basically solve the case.  He came up with all these great ideas.

EC:  Why D.B. Cooper?

DP:  It is the 50th anniversary since the hijacking, which took place the day before Thanksgiving. Lincoln and I like to weave together true and weird stories.  We will try to answer did he survive and other questions?

EC:  Why the Savannah Georgia setting?

DP:  Some of it is still in the 19th Century. It is a unique city, especially the historical part.  It has rumors of being a haunted, spooky city, gothic in flavor.  It has tremendous atmosphere with the live oak trees, cobblestone streets, and huge mansions.  The Bonaventure Cemetery with its old tombs was important to the story, especially because it is so huge.  Savannah is a character in the novel.

Lincoln Child:  We both love this city.  We ended our last book with the agent’s plane being diverted here after leaving Florida.  For Coldmoon, this city is foreign to everything he knew about.  It has voodoo undertones, and this is no place like it on the Southern coast of America. 

EC:  What about Constance?

LC: I have a crush on her and am not afraid to admit it.  We are not going to abandon her in that very strange unfamiliar place we left her.  This book is the first in what we anticipate being a trilogy.  Pendergast must deal with his own conscience and relationship with her, something we have danced around in the past few books.  

EC:  How about the relationship?

LC:  Dysfunctional.  Unusual.  She can be violent when protecting him and has feelings for him.  He is unsure about his feelings regarding her.  There is tension between the two of them.  She is not the young woman she seems to be.  We hope to resolve her past life and bring closure.  

EC:  There is a dual universe.  Were you thinking about Einstein’s Theory of Relativity?

DP:  We did use an Einstein theory, but not this one.  He was the founder of Quantum Mechanics.  It is a legitimate theory. The physical and cosmological underlying properties of nature.  It is believed by Physicists that it happens in different universes. 

EC:  Why the Savannah Vampire?

LC:  Our first book Relic was different than the other books.  In that one we toyed with having a supernatural being.  After that we were branded as techno thriller writers with a supernatural edge.  But we are very careful to always begin the books with science and to have a potential scientific explanation to the ending.  We trend middle ground like Michael Crichton.

EC:  It has a theme of greed?

DP:  Yes, on many levels, both money and power.  The Senator in the story who is up for re-election has greed of power.  We had a wonderful time writing his demise. The others who died had a greed of money.

EC:  Your next book?


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Bloodless by Doug Preston and Lincoln Child

From Amazon

Preston and Child - Bloodless Saturday Share - Review and Interview #altread #authorinterview #bookreview

Agent Pendergast faces his most unexpected challenge yet when bloodless bodies begin to appear in Savannah, GA, in this installment of a #1 New York Times bestselling series.

A fabulous heist:

On the evening of November 24, 1971, D. B. Cooper hijacked Flight 305—Portland to Seattle—with a fake bomb, collected a ransom of $200,000, and then parachuted from the rear of the plane, disappearing into the night…and into history.

A brutal crime steeped in legend and malevolence:
Fifty years later, Agent Pendergast takes on a bizarre and gruesome case: in the ghost-haunted city of Savannah, Georgia, bodies are found with no blood left in their veins—sowing panic and reviving whispered tales of the infamous Savannah Vampire.

A case like no other:
As the mystery rises along with the body count, Pendergast and his partner, Agent Coldmoon, race to understand how—or if—these murders are connected to the only unsolved skyjacking in American history. Together, they uncover not just the answer…but an unearthly evil beyond all imagining.

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Bloodless by Doug Preston and Lincoln Child

Preston and Child - Bloodless Saturday Share - Review and Interview #altread #authorinterview #bookreview

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