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Today’s is slightly different as I’m introducing author Nathan Everett who has a request for readers interested in literary fiction.


Hello, reviewers!

A limited number of Advanced Review Copies (ARC) in both eBook and Paperback of my newest literary fiction, “City Limits” is available now.  The book is scheduled for release June 23rd. I am looking for established reviewers who would be willing to consider the title for review on that date. Possible “review quote” inclusion inside book. Please respond to

Formats include MOBI (Kindle), ePUB (Nook), PDF, and a limited number in paperback.

The Blurb:

Gee Evars stumbles into Rosebud Falls, exhausted and dehydrated, but snaps into action to save a drowning toddler. Injured, Gee is taken to the hospital, where he discovers he has lost his memory and his wallet. His identity uncertain, Gee sets about making Rosebud Falls his home.

He becomes a local hero, falling for investigative reporter Karen Weisman, who continues to search for his identity as he seems always to be where he is needed just now. While walking through the mystical forest—the town’s centerpiece and primary economic resource—he eats one of the poisonous nuts and falls into a hallucinatory trance. When he awakens, he discovers what it means to be both the City’s Champion and Defender of the Forest.


About the Author:

Nathan Everett, award-winning author of “The Gutenberg Rubric,” adds to his opus of literary fiction with an unusual tale that captures the heart of small-town America. Everett travels the world, visiting towns and countryside to capture characters and locations for some thirty books published under different pen names. Tomorrow, he may be writing near you!…
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