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The Snitch, The Witch, and The One Who Was Rich.


Book Extract:

There once was a Snitch who lived in a town,
His feathers were fluffy; a sweet golden brown.
He liked to tell tattles and spin a tall tale-
he skipped and he hopped as he went down the trail.

Book Blurb :

Welcome to the town of Moonwood! Home to The Snitch, the Witch, and The One Who Was Rich. Join them, and even more quirky townsfolk, (in a classical nursery rhyme format), as they seek out the town elder for advice on personal goals, and getting along with each other in their magical community.

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About Joe Spraga :

Joe was raised in the Detroit Metropolitan area. An artist at heart, Joe is a graduate of Western Michigan University, with a Bachelor’s of Arts in English (Creative Writing) and a Minor in Philosophy. A former musician, Joe legally became disabled in 2015 due to health problems. He enjoys spending time with dogs, as should all right thinking people.

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