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Alone in a dark hole surrounded by nothingness, under a collapsed coal mine in the ground’s depth, Jasmine has lost all hope, and has abandoned her desire for life itself. Injured, lonely, and surrounded by cannibals…
This is where the industrial revolution and the Victorian era collide, it’s the coal era. Where the value of a human is measured by how much he produces, which makes children the least valuable of all by the same measure.
Jasmine’s world has always been cruel and scary. And it is, in these moments, even more cruel and scary than it has ever been before. But there’s a secret, strong enough to find its way to her even though she has lost all hope. A secret that reached her even though she had given up. A secret that kept her alive even though she wished for death.
So, what is it? And how did a worker in a coal mine become a Queen? This is Jasmine venture with what once was mysterious myths. but now it’s her world’s horror.

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Despite the author being drawn to fantasy and sci-fi genres, he still makes sure to maintain close contact with reality. And with topics that he has personally lived or witnessed. Things like child labor, war, and sometimes goblins, which he thought – as a lot of other kids do during their childhood – was something undebatable. All the author’s books are being translated into English from his mother tongue, and most of his books are part of a series. Makeen believes that even a person’s most challenging moments can teach him something, and are sometimes exactly what he needs at the time. As for the writer himself, it’s enough to know that although he’s been a husband and a father for a long time now, he is still not allowed to have a cat in the house.

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