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A Tooth for A Tooth: A Novel (The Meirvik Saga Book 1)

A late night in February 1969, a man disappears from a small village on the isle Stord. In 1978, a young man writes a school project about Auschwitz Birkenau and a German officer who disappeares from Poland in the winter of 1944.

As a result he gets aquainted with information he could never figure out by himself, among among them the connection to the former wife of the man who disappeared from Litlabø for a few years before. Is there any connection between the two men?

What role does the Jewish family of Saddler Moishe Apfelbaum from Danzig play? A story about genocide, raw force, cynicism, odontophobia, diamonds, gold, fish that will not take the bait and the relationship between father and son.

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A Life for A Life by Lars-Toralf Storstrand

Liv for Liv: Roman (Meirvik-sagaen) (Nynorsk Norwegian)

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Blurb for A Life for a Life (The Meirvik Saga Book 2)

Lenin is long dead. Stalin is in power. But he wants more power. To secure this, more people has to die. Especially he revolting Kulaks and Jews of the Ukraine. He sends his men out with the orders to create an artificial famine. In Ukraine the protests rise, but many will not believe that it is Stalin who is behind it all.

In Germany, a doctor, trained by Josef Mengele has perfected Plastic Surgery to an art, has made a masterpiece.
In the Canary Island two young boys discover a vast cave, which is more than a cave.




Author, Lars-Toralf Storstrand has been busy!

An Eye for an Eye is about to finish in Norwegian, then it will be translated into English and both will be published simultaneously, hopefully late summer.

In addition, True Israeli Heroes, featuring newspaper stories about Israeli Heroes, will soon be available in English. Stay tuned!

About the Author:

Lars-Toralf Storstrand is a Norwegian author, journalist and a translator, since 1988. He was born in the Norwegian west-coast island Stord, and originally planned to be a seaman. Life changes, however, and he became a journalist, then a translator, poet and finally author. He is father of four and married, living in Eastern Europe.

Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

Founder and Owner of author personal and virtual assistant. Editor and reviewer for #altread since 2005.

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