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Grace Gallion is a 40 year-old woman who had been with Jeff, the taker of her virginity since she was 18 years-old. Married for 16 years, raising three daughters including one with autism, Grace has reached her breaking point. Grace has told her husband she wants a divorce. This story is not as much about her marriage falling apart as much as it tells the story of her trying to find peace, forgiveness, and learn to live life again. Grace deals with enormous guilt and fears for the fallout from the divorce with her family and friends. As told throughout Grace’s journey, she has an unusual online friend in Hunter. Extremely handsome, kind, and sexual, is Hunter the friend she needs, the missing man she’s yearned for, or a dark and sinister man she should never have known? Grace’s journey is raw. The language is at times explicit, and the sexual descriptions are intense. Grace’s Christian faith is questioned very personally. This is book one in The Middle-Aged Woman series.






For the first time in twenty-something years I stood up for what was right for me! I no longer allowed family or culture to tell who or what my future was going to be. No longer was my future based on who I permitted to vaginally penetrate me first. For the first time ever, I stood up for the consequences of murdering my first baby, while everyone else lived in a make -believe world of celebrating my “miscarriage,” as if that was something anyone should ever celebrate.
I confronted him head-on, finally. I no longer feared the fallout. I reached a point in my life in which everyone else no longer called my shots, I called my shots. I realized that night that if my children, my soon-to-be ex-husband, his family, or my remaining family all hated me, then that was on them. Of course, I didn’t want my children to hate me, but my life and purpose mattered in the family unit. Until this night, I didn’t think my thoughts or feelings mattered. I thought it was my purpose to make everyone else happy.
I think I had spent so many years trying to make everyone else happy, I no longer knew what my life meant. Getting moved into a new home that was a start, my start. My apartment lease would give me two years to explore and find out what my life meant. I would always be a mother, and that would always take priority. But I was still a person with hopes, dreams, and feelings. Until now, I had unconsciously given that over to everyone else. While my name may have remained on paper as Grace Gallion, the rebirth of me was already beginning. I had waited for this for far too many years.


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