Sassy Sunday Story Starter: Writing Prompts Sent in by Authors!

For all you authors and aspiring writers out there, here is the Sassy Sunday Story Starter, brought to you by Tracy Cooper-Posey, our author in the spotlight for this month.

The last two hours of my life formally began at 3:07 a.m. on Tuesday when Frens Yngvar tapped on my apartment door. 
I didn’t know right then, of course.  It would take another four minutes for me to catch up on the news, because I was busy filing down the trigger on my Glock and had to cover up the tools and slide my back-up into my pants before I answered the door.  I didn’t hurry because who hurries at three in the morning?  Visitors at that time are always bad news.
So I glanced through the peep hole and sighed when I saw Frens’ buck teeth and pulled the door open just enough to glare at him.  I also kept my foot against the back of it.
“Better be good,” I mumbled, like I’d just woken up.
Frens got a funny look on his face.  “Christ, where you been the last few hours?”
“Sleeping,” I lied. “Until you woke me.”
Frens glanced along the dim corridor, his top lip trying to curl over his big teeth.  It was a sure sign he was deeply worried, when he tried that impossible feat.  He leaned towards my door, making me reach for the gun at my back.  But I didn’t draw it.  Not yet.
“Brody put a hit out on you,” he breathed.  “Maybe an hour ago.”
Brody.  Not Big Youta, who I had expected to be pissed at me.  But Brody.
Goddamn it.  That changed everything.
The fact that Brody had arranged the hit, not Youta, was distressing, so I could be maybe forgiven for being a little distracted.  But that’s how idiots get killed in my line of business.  Frens must have known how the news would go down.  Known and counted on it because what happened next was his fault.

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APRIL 2011
Author in the Spotlight

Tracy Cooper-Posey
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