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MY MISSION is to become a popular go-to resource and support centre for my community of PASSIONATE book sharing PATRONS looking for SMART & SASSY promos to INCREASE their book EXPOSURE, whilst enticing NEW READERS, SALES and REVIEWS along the way!

Great News!

Authors, you can now become a Sassy Brit Patron!

From just $1 a month, you will receive a book advert, and Twitter promotions with exclusive access to updates and Network Marketing Tips! 

More perks and REWARDS available for up to $65 a month. Learn more on my Patreon page.  (Unfortunately my author PA services spots are now full. Please email me if you’d like to be put on the waiting list – thank you! )

What’s Networking?

Networking is an ideal way to increase your contacts, potential sales and build rapport with readers, and other members of the book industry.

Check out my “Wall of Patrons” on the left! Be sure to visit their sites by clicking on the book covers and links!

Wherever you are…


Whatever you write…


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Be the success you want to be!


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I incorporate several different ways to make my Patrons promos stand out. In addition, every post I make from my blog gets distributed widely through various social media channels.  Some of which are listed below. I really do make the effort to get your work seen in so many more ways than just via Twitter!



  • all PATRON levels come with a Tweeting Service
  • I re-tweet (RT) a lot. I also personalise your tweets to suit you, and try to gain you more followers (in short, I get Twitter and know how to use it!)
  • your books and ebooks are promoted via my website and all the above social media channels
  • your “Spotlight” features include links to your website, blog, Twitter, Facebook etc.
  • I also link to your authors Amazon page, so visitors can directly buy your books
  • I regularly and prominently feature my Patron community on my home page
  • your advert is placed on the front of my website, and can be of your book cover, or your author photo
  • the picture used as an advert can link directly to your sales page, or your website landing page, wherever you prefer -anywhere
  • I’m happy to promote reviews, which aren’t written by me
  • I link to your authors Amazon page, so visitors can directly buy your books
  • I also promote my higher end patrons on Instagram!
  • plus, I am always looking for extra ways to give you more value – that’s why YOU GET REWARDS for joining our community, with very little outlay to you. (From $1.00 / less than £1.00 in the UK).
  • honestly, I could go on…

Interested? Pop over to my Patreon page and become a valued patron TODAY!  Thank you.


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