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Great News!

Authors, you can now become a Sassy Brit Patron!

For just $1 a month, you will receive a book advert, Twitter and Instagram promotions with exclusive access to updates and Network Marketing Tips! 

We’re also aiming to reach our first goal of $50 a month. When this is reached WE will have ‘in-house’ PATRON ONLY monthly contests, where you enter to win one of two things :

  • A book review personally written by me — or —
  • A promotional book trailer created by me!

I get a huge amount of book review requests daily, so winning this contest gives you THE CHANCE TO JUMP THE QUEUE!

Remember you’re not paying for a review, or book trailer, these are my competition prizes – REWARDS – for you, my patrons, as a way of paying it forward. Thank you!  😉

More perks and REWARDS available for up to $50 a month. Learn more on my Patreon page.

What’s Networking?

Networking is an ideal way to increase your contacts, potential sales and build rapport with readers, and other members of the book industry.

Check out my “Wall of Patrons” on the left! Be sure to visit their sites by clicking on the book covers and links!

Wherever you are…


Whatever you write…


Just go for it


Be the success you want to be!


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