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February, is a time for romance.  From my heart, to yours, special wishes for a warm-loving Valentine’s Day.  I hope you like the little hints I’ve shared, I think you’ll enjoy to keep the romance in your life alive and thriving all year long.
Remember, when “date night” was generally dinner, or a movie? Maybe, candlelight, flowers, even popcorn was added too.  But, if somewhere along the way children, pets, and maintaining a home were added to the equation on top of a full-time job, I’m guessing, time is something you don’t have much of lately.  Right?  Good news: fitting a little romance into your daily routine, is still possible to keep that spark alive.  The key, is just a little creativity on your part, and paying attention to details.  Here are some hints, I’ll think you like.

Have Your Own Sign ~ There’s nothing that creates a connection, then sharing in your own private language. Think up a gesture that signifies, “You’re adorable,” “You’re hot”, “I’m craving you,” or simply, “I love you.” It won’t matter, whose around, or where you are.  Your partner will get your drift right away.

P.D.A. ~ Who doesn’t love being the recipient of open affection?  Holding hands, a light kiss, or tender hug, is a sweet reminder you adore the one you’re with.

Flirt in the A.M. ~ Even, if you’re not a morning person, nothing starts the day off right, then a little flirtation.  Nibble your partner’s ear, pinch their butt, kiss them tenderly, and despite their morning breath, whispering “Morning gorgeous,” might just spur them into action, if you know what I mean **wink **wink.

Let Your Cell Work for You ~ Sending a “You’re Hot”, “Luv You Muchly”, “You Rock My World” text for no reason, will win you major points.  If your call goes to voice mail, use your sexy voice to leave a thrilling message, that will leave them anxious and wanting more.

Tell Them Why ~ When you’re sharing an intimate moment together, whisper the reasons why you adore them.  It may seem corny, but they’ll love it just the same, especially, if each reason given is ended with a slow, seductive kiss.

Make a Fuss ~ Praise can fall short.  At times, we tend to take the little things for granted.  Go the extra mile, and break out a bottle of champagne/favorite wine or fix a special dinner, when your partner accomplishes landing a client, getting a promotion, loses weight, or finishes a special project.  Acknowledgment warms the heart and soul.

Say it With a Note ~ When was the last time, you left an endearing note?  We all love finding that little surprise tucked in a drawer, our gym bag, coat pocket, lunch box, on our pillow, or taped where we’ll find it easily.  Use whatever is at hand … scratch it on a post-it, napkin, piece of scrap paper, or visit the card section and pick up a cute one.

Cuddle Time ~ Set your alarm clock earlier for a quickie, or just to snuggle before your hectic day begins.  It goes a long way to keeping the spark alive.

Gifting for No Reason ~ The tiniest gesture can go the farthest.  Remember, it’s the little things that matter, like a gift card for gas or coffee, a book they might like, or uploading songs to their playlist.

It truly doesn’t take much on your part, to show the one you adore, how much you care.

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Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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