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Title: Dominant
Author: Felix Baron
Publisher: Black Lace Nexus/Virgin Books
Publish Date: 2006
Genre: Contemporary
ISBN-13: 9780352340443
Length: 256 pages
Reviewer: Angelika Devlyn

Felix Baron delivers an enticing view of a man’s search for his one true love, the perfect submissive of his dreams, in Dominant. Upon discovering how easy it was to get girls to succumb through the simple act of “taking charge” Cole naturally finds himself in a dominate role. With the gift of the gab it’s no wonder Cole became an estate agent, albeit a slightly dodgy, wheeling dealing one. Girls are putty in his hands. Or so he thinks.

Of course, life is never that sweet, and Cole’s dreams of a perfect match were shattered, after one failed relationship followed another. His ex-wife, Janet, was vanilla and too puritanical to enjoy any sort of kinkiness, whilst mistress Kate, turned out to be a masochist who took things to the extreme. Then there was Melinda who played at being a slave and enjoyed refering to herself in third person, but was quick to turn her submissiveness on and off whenever she wanted.

Cole is a man who always keeps his options open, never outrightly shunning a woman’s advances in case he could use it to his advantage at a later date. It’s a poor excuse for not letting his guard down and trusting a woman enough to enter his life, however, even as a dominant when he meets Lana, he is no longer in control. Well, on the outside, maybe, but inside he’s a mess. Lana proves herself to be a natural submissive, eager to please and just right for him. So, after a lot of failed relationships he finally does find the perfect submissive, yet he has already vowed not to get emotionally tied. Besides, the lucky girl, Lana, has been offered to him as a new agent to train. He is to mentor her for a month, and will not deviate from his professional capacity by dominating her sexually no matter how tempting she may be. Once he steps over that line there would be no going back. When the month is over, however, who knows what will happen to quench the sexual tension between them? Can she stand on her own two feet and support herself as an agent in her own right? Does she want to?

Reading this book could act as both an informative guide, and a jolly good smutty read, worthy of exploration. I love the way the their “no-commitment, emotions or sex” rule only prolongs the agony. A story of such deliberate self-denial is a true pleasure to read, since there is an intensified pleasure gained from the anticipation of knowing that the only thing holding Cole back from Lana is pure self control and willpower. It’s realistic, semi-biographical and immensely intriguing as a D/s love story – right up to the yummy climax.

Angelika Devlyn

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Author: Angelika Devlyn

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