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Title: Tapestries 3: Woven Dreams

Author: N.J. Walters

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Website of Publisher:

Genre: Menage a trios or More/Fantasy

Rating: E-rotic

Publication date: July 20

ISBN: 9781419911286

Length: Novel

Format: eBook


Twins Jarmon and Garrik are finally on a road to healing. After Jarmon’s near fatal injury the twins have been distant with the emotional scars worse by far than the physical scars Jarmon still carries. In an effort to bond together like before the decide on a hunting trip, where they can again find the togetherness they had. What they find is an injured woman alone on their property, who says the tapestry brought her.

The brothers intend to claim her, but something is not right about the situation. Her clothing is from here, she does not seem frightened by the customs, and she seem to be lying about something. The brothers are concerned about her and what she is hiding, but they still do everything in their power to convince her to stay beyond the three days.

N. J. Walters does a great job of weaving a third story of the tapestry. Since it usually only shows up once a generation and has already brought two wives to this series it would not appear that there is room for another tapestry wife, but N. J. weaves a delightful, even more romantic tale this time.

Not only is there love, and hope, there is healing. This would be a wonderful conclusion to the series and make it a great trilogy, however, I wonder if N. J. will come up with another tapestry bride in the future. I will be keeping my eyes open, and hope for more.

Reviewer: Aris

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