REVIEW: Who Wants to Date a Superhero?, Amethyst series by R.G. Alexander from Ellora’s Cave


Title: Who Wants to Date a Superhero?, Amethyst series
Author: R.G. Alexander
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Paranormal
Rating: S-ensuous
Publication date: February 2008
ISBN: 9781419914744
Length: Novella
Format: e-book

What would make shy secretary, Cassandra Tidwell, humiliate herself on live vid to win a date with Guardian, Theta Wave? Can this truly be something so important that she can’t even discuss it with her best friend, Dayna? Worse still, Graham, the sexy man of Cassandra’s obsessive fantasies, is stunned to see her in the revealing jumpsuit she has to wear for the show. Could things get any more muddled? In a word—yes. Jealousy, anger, a series of mishaps and secrets revealed, leave her confused, shaken and exhausted. But she wins more than she ever dreamt possible.

Graham has pursued Cassie unbeknownst to her by the simple expedient of using Dayna, who just happens to be his baby sister. Sneaky though that is, the secret he’s hiding from her may destroy any chance he has at making her his. Enhanced and almost destroyed as a child by his scientist father, he has many abilities, some which no one knows of. He’s rigged the show Cassie is on, but someone else has done some rigging of their own, placing all the contestants in danger.

Now the Guardians must protect them. At times I found Cassie almost two different people as she showed a tendency to become a dominant, quirky woman. I have to admit I liked this side of her better. The overall meshing of the two personalities of Cassie and Graham was interesting as he didn’t trust in love and she didn’t know how not to trust her heart. If that type of fantasy sex could be real, the developer would be filthy rich. Just my opinion, of course. Hope you enjoy.

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