REVIEW: Werewolves of Malta Series by Lorie O’Clare from Ellora’s Cave

Title: Werewolves of Malta Series
Author: Lorie O-Clare
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Werewolf
Rating: E-rotic

This series has been published rather quickly, with the first book available in April 2006 and book six in August 2007.

In book one, Elements Unbound we get our first look at the pack. It is a time of change as Bruno Tangaree challenges Alberto for Pack Leader, and claims his mate. More than twenty years later we get to meet the next generation in the second book, Living Extinct. Moria
Tangaree has been struggling alone until five years after her pack’s demise when she meets the mysterious man who saved her again. Dante Aldo is here to claim her and begin a new life for the werewolves of Malta. In Far From Innocent the pack begins to truly form. They build
dens for all of those Malta werewolves that move onto their newly claimed land and alpha members battle for leadership. Juan, Dante’s littermate struggles to claim his mate against her den’s approval.

Erin tries everything to convince her den that she can make her own choices. The fourth book of the series Forbidden Attraction, deals with inter-breed love. The Malta werewolves are feared and they in turn hate the lunewulfs, but Nicolo is fiercely attracted to Heidi and the
differences don’t matter to them. The lunewulfs and Malta werewolves continue to battle between themselves, in book five, For Life. But, when a lunewulf bitch is beaten by her mate and throw out on the side of the highway in the high mountains at least one Malta werewolf leaps to protect her. The story of Josie and Maura is love or at least lust at first sniff, as the packs interact again.

Finally, in book six, Till Death, we see the pack leader Dimitri Spalto meet his match in a gifted Malta bitch name Rosa Anthony. She has set her sights on the best and he hates the gift so it is certainly a volatile match. If they can make it work?

See individual reviews for each book for more. All in all it is a spicy thrill for those who love werewolves and I love getting to know so many members of the same pack. I would still like to know more and hear about the next generation as they really begin to thrive in this new environment.

Reviewer: Aris

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