REVIEW: Weekend Menage, Plain Brown Wrapper Series by Michelle Hasker from Aspen Mountain Press

Title: Menage Weekend, Plain Brown Wrapper Series
Author: Michelle Hasker
Website of Author:
Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Erotica
Publication date: January 2007
Rating: Erotic
ISBN: 978-1-60168-082-2
Length: 28 Pages
Format: e-book

It’s Stacey’s birthday and her husband has decided to give her a most unusual gift. While out of the ordinary it promises to be one she’ll never forget.

Neil is Stacey’s husband and has planned the entire weekend to cater for all of her fantasies. What better present can a husband give the woman he loves than a weekend where he and their best friend will indulge her every desire.

Dane is the best friend of both Neil and Stacey, but has always lusted after Stacey. He has one weekend to slake that desire for another man’s wife.

I found this an erotic read start to finish, and the characters weren’t about just “having sex”. Can a couple remain happily married after having a weekend of incredibly wild sex with their best friend? Can the bond of friendship remain intact? I’m not sure, but I uh, hmm, wouldn’t mind tryin’ to find out- just for the sake of…. well you get the picture.

About the Author:

Michelle Hasker has been writing for four years. While there are ups and downs, she is much happier writing than not. On a normal day you can find her glued to the laptop in between pretending to clean and taking care of her four children and assorted pets.

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