REVIEW: Warrior of the Past by L.A. Day from Ellora’s Cave

Title: Warrior of the Past
Author: L.A. Day
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Time Travel
Publication date: May 2008
ISBN: 9781419916212
Length: Novella
Format: e-book
Reviewer: WitchGiggles

When the storm takes out her fuses, the last thing Holly Kincaid is expecting to find is a man in a breechclout hiding out on her porch. At least it’s not her drunken ex, Sam, who’s been stalking her and making life an absolute misery. Now tall, dark and dangerous has promised to keep her safe from Sam. The question is who’s going to keep her heart safe?

After being knocked out in Eighteen Sixty-six, Bear awakens to find himself near the home of a skittish white woman who nonetheless makes him feel things he long thought himself incapable of. When he finds his best friend has also come to this strange new world this strong, yet gentle Yahi warrior will use all his patience to win this woman the Great Spirit has chosen for him.

This is leading into being a really good series with strong, yet gentle men and soft but courageous women. I love the fact that this is most of all a story of faith: in people, in God (in one form or another) plus relationships. It’s a warm often witty and definitely humorous look at the possibilities of life through the eyes of time. I can’t wait to see where the next one stems from. I’m sure it’ll be as unique and intriguing as this has been.


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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