REVIEW: Wanna Play ~ Gail Faulkner ~ Ellora’s Cave ~ Erotic

Title: Wanna Play

Author: Faulkner, Gail

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Website of Publisher:

Genre: Contemporary – Action novel with instances of violence

Rating: E-rotic

Publication date: July 2007

ISBN: 9781419911705

Length: Plus Novel

Format: eBook

 Intense Erotic Explosive 
 "He had met women who were dangerously beautiful, women who were beautiful when they were
dangerous, but never one who was both." Samuel 'Blaster' Callaway was called in to help with
security around the move set where Jasmina Carson was filming. It was a favour to his foster
brother, the director. Some incidents were occurring with increased regularity and severity.
Someone was out to get Jas.
 A former member of an elite special forces unit, Blaster was supposed to keep her safe,
but the biggest problem he could see was keeping himself safe from her. He knew she had
some training but didn't know how much till he found out she was a former Marine.
The sexual tension was out of control, and he was fighting to keep a tight reign, and earn her trust.
She was fighting for her life and for the life of her friend.  She had thought the past terror was
behind her but she would have to face it now and did not welcome any help.
Wildly sexy, extremely raw, explosive in every way.  The story is continuous excitement of one kind
or another, from the film action, the sexual chemistry, the head games, and the outside attacks.
It is a highly charged story line with the characters delivering the sparks. To very strong, aware
individuals struggle with their inner feelings as the tension mounts. The sex is intimate and hungry
without normal games, there is a sharing of control that ignites the fantasy and an ultimate mastery
that simply drowns the reader in the passion.
This is definitely a re-read again and again.  I will be looking for more from the Ghost Unit.  
Yeah, I wanna play!
Reviewer: Aris

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1 thought on “REVIEW: Wanna Play ~ Gail Faulkner ~ Ellora’s Cave ~ Erotic

  1. Thank you so much for the review Arie! You turn a phrase with the best of them, I love your style of writing.

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