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Upgrade Your Life: How to Take Back Control and Achieve Your Goals by Pat Divilly
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I’m reviewing Upgrade Your Life: How to Take Back Control and Achieve Your Goals by Author Pat Divilly. This was originally a book I received as part of the Amazon Vine Programme. Here are my thoughts:

Quote: “Success is reserved for the people who never give up” — Pat Divilly

^^ Who doesn’t want to upgrade their life through goal achievement? Well, the fact that you’re looking at this book, reading this review, means you are at the very least curious.

^^ This is s great book and one that I don’t mind writing in or highlighting pages. In fact, with these ‘self-help’ books it’s a must for me. The more dog-eared the better. After all, to get anything from these kind of books you need to not just read it, but take action! And this is just how I do it.*

^^ So what do you get with this book, which you don’t get with others that are similar?
Firstly, I really like the way Pat Divilly tells us how it really is. With plain and simple daily steps to take action from. It’s detailed, but not complicated. It’s easy to understand, but not condescending.

^^ Secondly, there are some really interesting chapters. I have many favourites, but “What Successful People Do”, has to be my top chapter. Learning from those who have already become a success, has got to be one of the best (if not the best) thing you can do when it comes to achieving your goals.

^^ Thirdly, this is not just about S.M.A.R.T. goal planning, it’s about looking after yourself as a whole. Health wise, this includes looking after yourself, getting exercise. Then there’s looking after your mind and being thankful for the good things in life, however small. There’s heaps I could list here: education, facing your fears, establishing your morning and how setting up the next day as part of your bedtime routine is also beneficial. Loads.

^^ Plus at the end of every chapter there’s also ‘light-bulb’ icons, which are ideas and suggestions (a little like you get in those ‘For Dummies’ books). These light-bulb sections are such a great starting point, and really make you take action.

^^ There’s also an “Upgrade your life now!” section at the end of every chapter. It’s just a small paragraph with one or two exercises, and for the little effort they take to do, they offer larger rewards. Don’t forget — it’s all about taking action, not just passively reading text.

^^ In addition, at the end of many of the chapters, after the “Upgrade your life now!” paragraph there’s an accompanying “Cheat Sheet” for even more ideas of how to actually put into place what you have learned.

^^ Finally, this includes a 42 day success planner to not only help keep on track of your goals but to ensure your dreams become a reality. It’s truly a winner all round.

Overall: Honestly, I just get so excited when I read this book, and I often pick it up just before going to bed to remind myself of my goals, and to keep myself motivated. If you’ve got goals you want to achieve, and you’re willing to take action, I can happily recommend this to you!

*Admittedly, writing in books wasn’t easy for me at first. Like many I’ve always been taught you should never write in books. (And I guess this still applies to other peoples and library books!) However, over the years I’ve trained myself not to be so anal with keeping my own self-help non-fiction books in pristine condition. In fact, I’ve found that I gain more benefit from actually using the book as a reference/notepad and working through a book marking and highlighting important paragraphs. Why? Because by doing this I know I take it in better, learn quicker and all the time my brain is telling me I’m actually taking action and not just passively reading it. Plus, when I put the book down, and pick it up again at a later time — I can if I want — skim read only my highlighted sections for an instant refresher! But ask me to do this in my fiction books… I’d simply die!

So, do you have goals? What are you doing about them?

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