REVIEW: Unholy Trinities, Fallen Angels book 3 by AuburnImp from Dark Eden Press

Title: Unholy Trinities, Fallen Angels book 3
Author: AuburnImp
Website of Author:
Publisher: Dark Eden Press
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Yaoi
Publication date: December 2007
Rating: Carnal
ISBN: Unassigned
Length: 10,500 Words
Format: e-book

Samael and Lucifer rescue Raphael from the certain death Metatron and the angels of Heaven have decreed as punishment for his decision to remain on Earth.

There is a possibility of Satan using the demons he has collected
against both the angels who chose Earth and those who chose Heaven.

This instalment just increases the appetite to see where AuburnImp plans to take this series. I must say I found the possibility of the unusual Triad intriguing and look forward to the next one.

About the Author:

Auburnimp has been writing since she was fifteen. Her characters are always strong, feisty and often impetuous enough to get into dangerous situations rather like their creator.
She has been a knife-thrower’s target, an exotic dancer, a drummer, a homeless wanderer and many other things due to a desire to simply go where life takes her. She now lives in a small house in a large English city with four resident cats and one frequent visitor. She is female and has blue eyes; anything else is frequently subject to change without notice.

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Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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