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We are pleased to introduce our Featured Author Sharon Maria Bidwell.

Title: The Swithin Chronicles1: Uly’s Comet
Author: Sharon Maria Bidwell
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Adult – explicit sexual content
Ménage, homoerotic sex, some violence.
ISBN: 978-1-59632-319-3
Format: e-book
Publish date: August 2006
(Reviewed May 2nd, 2007)
Look out for the review of the 2nd in The Swithin Chronicles series, coming next.

Through duty binds Prince Markis to fiercely deny his physical needs his life long companion and Chief Guard Ryanac knows of his great need for love and affection. Indeed loving and being loved may be their only salvation for their entire population. As power surges through the Prince’s control is a great issue, and all of his intense painful training to date has not allowed him to harness the mystical power of the comet.

When the Prince catches a young pickpocket, Uly and brings him into the palace his presence provides a measure of peace for the Prince. Rayanc sees the love blooming between the Prince and the young Uly and encourages the Prince to move against dictates from the counsel and give in to his love of Uly, believing that true love will give him the control over the power needed to save his people.

Heart wrenching intimacy, passion, and a fabulous story line make this a must read. Never have I encountered such a well done gay/bi-sexual story. Most have had more emphasis on physical gratification. This one however has plenty of that with so much more love and intimacy overlaying every action. Even the violence is overlaid with love. Definitely a re-read, and I am waiting for more.

Click here for information about the free ebook available within our AR Yahoo group – the Uly’s Commet Interlude. At What Moment. (Originally posted June 10th, 2007 and still available in our files section). This story is available on the author’s website as a free read. However, it is only available as a PDF in our Yahoo group.

Read our review of Sharon’s Uly’s Commet Interlude. At What Moment. (Posted July 1st, 2007)

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