REVIEW: Triad Series Books 1-6 and Children of the Triad Books 1-3 by Tianna Xander and Bonnie Rose Leigh

The Triad Series Books 1-5 and Children of the Triad Series Books 1-3
Author: Tianna Xander and Bonnie Rose Leigh
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Publisher: eXtasy Books
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Genre: Sci-fi/Shapeshifter/Vampire/Menage (M/F/M)

The Banarts are a cruel people bent on destroying entire worlds. They
were a people that were able to shape shift and take on the appearance
of any of those they conquered. They hid well among all the people
and caused all kinds of trouble.

The Hienials were simply vile creatures that forced women of there
worlds to breed their children. Those women who carried their
children were cruelly treated and forced to breed more.

In order to stop the two hideous evils, the Lady Goddess directs the
coven of witches on Carrillia to magically call their mates to them to
form Triad of power. Each Triad was gifted with a different power so
together they would complement each other. They will be the army of
warriors who can defeat the Banarts and the Hienials keep all their
worlds safe.

Having accomplished that mission and found that the Hienials were not
evil in their own right but corrupted by the Banarts, those who were
young Halflings were left alive.

After twenty-five years of peace it was time for Ryo to claim his
destiny. Ryo Vanier was born Ryo of Kneese and was the eldest of the
Haflings. The Goddess herself had told him, that he would be the one
to find and gather the other Halflings and rule them as their King.
Now in The Children of the Triad will assist him in his mission.

With five starships of their own the Salvation, Reliant, Destiny,
Triumph and Seeker they make their way to the planets in their system
seeking other of their race. Escorts from the Savari, Lioni, Drakoni
and Carrillian worlds travelled along to make sure the journey was

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