REVIEW: Touch Me Not ~ Shannon Emmel ~ The Lotus Circle ~ Fiction, Spiritual Journeys

Title: Touch Me Not
Author: Shannon Emmel
Website of Author:
Publisher: The Lotus Circle
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Fiction, Spiritual Journeys
Publication Date: September 2007
ISBN: 9781419980183
Length: 143 pages

Montgomery Jones has left an unhappy childhood behind and rose to be a very successful talk show host. She doesn’t want to remember the teasing torture of her peers concerning her healing powers so she has denied them down through the years. Her grandmother, Eloise Gardner, has tried to teach her about her gifts, but she is not a willing learner. In college, she meets two women and the three of them become fast and forever friends.

Montgomery Jones, known to her grandmother as Sadira Elizabeth Montgomery, feels she has everything she needs now. However, it isn’t long before she has to return to her grandmother’s house to help her after Eloise fell and broke a hip. The first day back, when Sadira thinks no one is watching she lays her hands on her grandmother’s bruised body and performs her healing skill.

Luke White Eagle, the doctor and friend of Eloise, watches Sadira heal her grandmother. He is not a stranger to such events for he has a small ability is seeing auras of humans and animals. This ability helps him in his ministrations in the clinic and hospital. Instead of telling Sadira he knows about her abilities and telling her of his own abilities he waits for her to initiate this conversation. Thus, romance mingled with auras and healing abilities is begun with all the ups and downs of an ordinary one, except Sadira is still denying these skills. When will she ever accept herself as she is and live out her destiny as fate has planned?

Live the expectations and heartbreaks involved in the changes that must occur in Sadira’s and Luke’s lives in order for them to connect and be happy. This story is based on Sadira Montgomery’s own life. Although it’s fiction, some of the events in this story has actually taken place. Compare them with The Lotus Circle History found on I have enjoyed reading this book and whether you believe in ESP, healers, Tarot cards and the like or not doesn’t matter. The story is well written, moving and emotional. It brings back the reader’s memories of their own childhoods and gives hope that one can rise above the cruelty of children and teenagers and realize their dreams. Read the book.

About the Author:

Florida resident Shannon Emmel has been an avid reader since childhood. She began writing in college at the suggestion of her literature professor, and was published soon after. She became intrigued with the psychic phenomena and other metaphysical topics more than twenty years ago, when she began trying to understand her own psychic gifts. Although she receives messages in other ways, her tools of choice are Runes and the Tarot. Over the years, Shannon has met and worked with many of her Angels, Guides and Spirits and considers herself truly blessed to have among her constant guardians an Archangel, a Dragon and a “parking angel” named Clarissa!


Reviewer: Lucille P Robinson
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