REVIEW: Tort and Retort by Maura Anderson from Aspen Mountain Press

Title: Tort and Retort

Author: Maura Anderson
Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Erotic Romance
Publication date: February 2008
Rating: E-rotic
ISBN: 9781601680877
Length: 47 Pages
Format: e-book
Reviewer: WitchGiggles
How does a dignified patent attorney take a break from being a legal beagle? By running an erotic romance review blog with her friends, of course. Since she can’t experience it in real life with her boss, Tyler, she might as well tell these authors what they’re doing wrong—right? That’s Gayle Osborne’s take on it, any way.
Tyler Morgan isn’t only Gayle’s boss, but that’s one secret he’s not about to let out…yet. Maybe after she makes partner, but then, that’s not a reason not to start a relationship, either. Besides, everybody has secrets. Just possibly not quite as unique as this one…maybe.

This was a delightful comedy of deception begetting an unusual brand of justice. The lengths to which these two go to hide a true portion of themselves is all too realistic, while the sex was stimulating. Miss Maura, ma’am, what’s not to love in being an erotic romance reviewer? (Delicate snort here) We are, after all, absolute “puddy tats”. More, please.
About the Author:

I live in a wonderful rural community outside of Seattle, Washington with my amazing husband, Chuck, and our son Morgan. I also have an adult son, Jonathan, who is in college and not living at home (but is thankfully close enough to visit). We share our home with 7 indoor cats and an African Grey parrot as well as our backyard with a feral cat colony that we care for.


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1 thought on “REVIEW: Tort and Retort by Maura Anderson from Aspen Mountain Press

  1. Thank you, WitchGiggles! Your review made my day and I’m thrilled you liked the story 🙂I wrote Tort & Retort while I was still reviewing so you KNOW I love erotic romance reviewers.And *whispers* I’ll let you in on a secret…. It’s turned into a series. People have liked it so much that I’m going to write the stories of the other reviewers!Thanks so much!

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