REVIEW: Till Death: Werewolves of Malta 6 by Lorie O’clare from Ellora’s Cave


Title: Till Death: Werewolves of Malta 6
Author: Lorie O-Clare
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Werewolf Rating: E-rotic
Publication date: August 2007
ISBN: 9781419913327
Length: Novel
Format: eBook

Rosa Anthony had the gift, telekinesis and telelpathy that is. It was a special gift some of the Malta werewolves were blessed with. She had her eye on the pack leader Dimitri ever since her mother and her had settled into the pack. She knew that he was attracted to her but she could not get him to act on his desire. She was tired of trying to tempt him and was ready to state her claim in front of everyone.

Dimitri Spalto was the pack leader since they had left Malta and was trying to carve out a place for them in Denver and keep the Malta wolves together in safety. He did not need all the extra trouble the gift generated. As a matter of fact he hated the gift and stayed as far away from those who had it as he could.

A great werewolf story. I loved the added ability of the gift as well as the visions Dimitri received in which he had the conversations with his grandparents. The passion was certainly of the werewolf variety with lots of chemistry between the two. And as always the Alpha male is a real turn on. The back plot of trying to do all he can to help establish a pack village is worthy of attention. A wonderful story all in all.

Reviewer: Aris

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