REVIEW: The Sorcerer’s Key ~ CC Bye ~ Chase Enterprises ~ Fantasy


Title: The Sorcerer’s Key
Author: CC Bye
Website of Author:
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Fantasy
Publication date: 2005
ISBN: 0-9698428-5-6
Length: 272 pages
Format: Paperback / eBook
Reviewer: Lucille P Robinson

Jack Lightfoot, son of an Edenite sorcerer who’d came to Earth when Jack was a baby, was reared in a training environment where he learned self-defense in martial arts along with a few simple magic spells.

The story opens with the arrival of a bounty hunter. Jack faces this bounty hunter from Eden almost immediately. Jack’s father’s old partner and friend had sent the hunter to capture Jack. Seems Jack’s father, John, had created a surefire way to travel between Eden and Earth. Jack held the key, but the hunter didn’t know it. A few well-placed hits put the hunter out and Jack fled.

When the hunter decided to go after the father, he didn’t survive, but his arrival sent Jack’s parents on the run once more. Jack, however, had reached the conclusion he needed to get on the offensive and go find Morgan, the man responsible for Jack’s parents running into hiding. Needless to say, Jack used the key and went to Eden. His magic powers were small and on his first visit to the more powerful Morgan showed Jack he needed more than the powers he had, more than the martial arts training he’d received all those years.

Through near-death experiences with Morgan, Jack’s powers grew stronger. Then Katy came along making Jack’s purpose for getting rid of Morgan stronger as well. But Morgan was reportedly the strongest man alive in the magic department and he also had control of another man who was strong enough to call forth the dead and near-dead, the evil spirits and monsters, and other unmentionables, as well as watch anyone he desired to watch through a water filled view. As a result, Jack is thrown into battles for life itself and not just his own. Read the book for exciting trips to worlds unknown and a powerful ending that’ll set your nerve ends tingling. I finally found the book I had trouble putting down. Usually, the books I read are interesting but not so captivating that I have problems putting them down until I’ve reached about half way through the pages. The Sorcerer’s Key really grabbed me from the first page and never turned me loose. I found my mind going over and over what I’d read that day as I lay waiting for sleep. The few spelling mistakes failed to make my reading pace stumble. The story is a series of well-chosen events that lead to a surprising end. No question is left unanswered. Truly, I recommend this book for anyone who loves fantasy and for even those who love mystery and crime. The crime is as old as the human race and the mystery seems to face the criminal rather than the hero.

Author Bio:

Clayton Bye began his writing career in 1994 as a motivator. He’s devised a plan to create an independent business and make it successful, and offers that plan in his book Bare Knuckle MBA. A review of this book is found on Alternative website. All his nonfiction books can be found on his website at

Mr. Bye has wanted to write a novel for a long time and The Sorcerer’s Key is the result of that desire. Like many authors, Mr. Bye does not earn a living from his writing. And even though he has been recently disabled, he manages his own business Chase Enterprises. He lives in Kenora, Ontario, is married and has three children. Read his Interview posted on the An Alternative


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