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Title: The Protector’s Keeper
Author: Bonnie Rose Leigh
Website of Author:
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Genre: Romance, Paranormal, Contemporary, Werewolf, Shapeshifter
Publication Date: April 2009
ISBN: 978-1-55487-269-5
Length: 365 Pages
Format: eBook

Reviewer: WitchGiggles

To find your sister missing,your house gone through and a favorite horse mutilated in the stalls is not exactly what one expects to find when one returns home from a job; but that’s exactly what Catalina Gasalla did find. Then the person she’s been searching for shows up at-you guessed it- her front door looking for her sister as well. It’s not every day your True-mate finds you while you’re searching for him.

As a Protector for his “people”, Sebastian Malone is trying to find the twin sister of his king and hopefully his True-mate as well. Little does he know that she is the adopted sister of the woman he’s searching for. But there is also something most foul stalking both the women and also the Were community. An enemy like nothing ever dreamed has come calling and it will take all the shifters- Wolf, Cat as well as Bear- to have a hope of overcoming this new threat.

I always enjoy things from Ms. Leigh, but this one has a touch of intrigue that tends to keep you wondering if they will survive or be dismembered. The type of threat she added to this one and the ways found to get around and by the enemy were quite interesting, but it was the way she wove the story through with odd bits (for me, at any rate) of humor, tantalizing glimpses of possibilities that kept me reading way past this old woman’s bedtime. The “Inside Story” by Sassy Brit and her Gang!
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Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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