REVIEW: The Persian Girl, by Felix Baron

Title: The Persian Girl
Author: Felix Baron
Publisher: Virgin Books/Nexus
Website of Publisher:
Published: 2008
Genre: Erotica/Historical
Format: Paperback
Length: 236 pages
Reviewer: Angelika Devlyn

This book tells the story of Sir Richard Francis Burton’s secret diaries discovered in a trunk at an auction. They follow his career as spy and diplomat, as he swash buckles his way saving the British Empire from peril, be that wolves, Russians or coping with the love-hate relationship he shares with the Persian girl, Honey, who as far as I could tell spent most of her time trying to escape him. But Sir Burton is not one easily deterred. By the end of his travels he is back home with his wife having high tea, with a few surprises up his gallant sleeve. Oh, to have a jolly good hero, valiant and willing, to keep up the great British reserve. And with a mustache, too.

It’s great to read about this dashing, and famous Briton as he soldiers on to protect King and Country, being rather devious and rakish with it. Of course, I have to mention this is a fictional account, but I can see Felix Baron has spent some time on his research of Burton’s real life. In addition, the author has added a lot of imaginative flair, especially where the Burton’s numerous accounts of sexual devilment are concerned. Yet, the lewd linguist still manages to get himself enslaved, and his Bowie knife confiscated. Burton has a roving eye for the ladies, a huge libido, and a pretty big swordstick to match. What a rogue.

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Author: Angelika Devlyn

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