REVIEW: The Perfect Cover by Claire Thompson by Ellora’s Cave


Title: The Perfect Cover
Author: Claire Thompson
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Gay / Contemporary
Rating: E-rotic
ISBN: 9781419913952
Length: Plus Novel
Reviewer: Aris

Ryan takes a temporary job at a gay resort in the Caribbean just to
keep things together till another job in hotel management comes up. He is not worried about being around so many gay men, he has friends that are gay, how bad could it be. He decides he can handle the job and pretend he is gay for the duration of the season especially since he was not interested in men, other than an occasional fantasy he keeps strictly to himself. The great pay and amenities along with the available free time activities on a Caribbean Island, make it worth the try. Until the first actual day of work when some dirty old men hit on him.

Sean had been working at Club Eros for a while. He was a full time year round employee and loved his privacy. However, he was going to have to share his bungalow with the new guy. He was so tired of young gay men taking the job for a season only to hook up with a rich sugar daddy. He had given up on finding love. His dream of true love, the kind that went beyond just sex and filled up ones life. When Ryan move in that first day he knew he was the one. Now to convince Ryan, after his first day of work Ryan had confided he was straight. To have his dream lover with him every day and as far away as ever was possibly worse than having ever met him.

This is a great story of acceptance. Not only accepting each other and the friendship that grows but accepting the truth about themselves. That no matter the definition their love for each other
was all that mattered. It is also a story of going against the tide where society is concerned. What you do in life is not more important than how you feel about life. Wealth in money is not worth loosing love. What a great story of strength of character, sexy passion, in a tropical paradise.


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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1 thought on “REVIEW: The Perfect Cover by Claire Thompson by Ellora’s Cave

  1. Aris, Thanks for the excellent review! I really appreciate your taking the time to not only read, but review the novel. It was a lot of fun to write, to try to get into the head of a guy who got in way over his head. Thanks again, Claire Thompson

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