REVIEW: The Peace Seekers ~ Joyce Wells ~ Jasmine-Jade Enterprises ~ Suspense

Title: The Peace Seekers
Author: Joyce Wells
Website of Author: Coming soon!
Publisher: Jasmine-Jade Enterprises
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Suspense
Publication Date: October 2007
ISBN: 9781419980145
Length: 248 pages
Format: eBook

When the story opens we see a number of unknown persons setting a commune on fire as Eudora and Charles West slip in the forest so they can see what’s happening without being seen. There’s only one survivor-a baby named Cassie. Eudora and Charles adopt her.

Cassie returns to the island her Aunt Eudora and Uncle Charles had made their home and she meets Nate Chambray who seems to know her. Through her special powers, Cassie remembers seeing this man Nate in a vision where her aunt Eudora would fall and be injured. Fear for her aunt and herself enters her heart.

Overhearing a conversation between Nate and Eudora before Eudora’s fall, Cassie learns that Nate promises to keep her safe and bring her to an Ohio commune. Aunt Eudora on her hospital bed tells Cassie– “Kalkaska.” She muttered the word for Cassie’s ears alone. “Go quickly. Don’t trust anyone.” Her breath left her with a sigh and her lids closed.

Cassie found herself stuck with Nate Chambray as a companion on her trip to find her family. She learned he was heading for a commune in Ohio and she had to get to Kalkaska. Her aunt’s dying words rang through her mind causing Cassie to alternately fear and trust Nate. What is Nate’s real reason for ‘protecting her’? Why doesn’t Nate tell her what she needs to know instead of insisting she will remember when she wants to? How can she feel this power surging between her and Nate when she fears him so? Will she find her family in Kalkaska? Read the book. You won’t regret it.

Satisfying action, suspense filled days and mysterious characters make this story a good one to get involved in. This story tells about a group of people known as the Peace Seekers. This group will do everything in their power to keep peace with anyone and everyone they come in contact with. I like the special powers that Joyce Wells used in this story, but I like the story as well. Cassie West is all woman-emotional and indecisive as women have been stereotyped for centuries. Nate Chambray is too good a man to be true, but in fiction it works. Makes me wonder how nice the world I live in would be if I’d married a man like Nate. He can calm the troubled waters with one touch. Joyce developed a believable plot, filled it with the right
characters and brought the story to a satisfying end. A story a few notches above a real good tale.

About the Author

An independent literary consultant and an instructor for online creative writing workshops, Joyce Wells earned a BA and MA in Developmental Psychology. After marrying and raising a son and a daughter, and while working for an executive office group, she returned to her love of writing. She has published poems, essays and stories in anthologies, newsletters, newspapers and magazines, and received an award in a national short story competition. She belongs to Romance Writers of America, International Women Writers Guild, and Detroit Women Writers.

Joyce divides her time between the Midwest and Florida, where she indulges her passion for golf and swimming. When she isn’t on the links, she’s studying parapsychology and the connection between the present and the past, the physical and the spiritual. Joyce welcomes comments from readers.

Reviewer: Lucille P Robinson

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