REVIEW: The Lady of Sexuality, The Daughters of the Dagda 1, from Red Rose Publishing

Title: The Lady of Sexuality, The Daughters of the Dagda 1
Author: Rorrey Lynch
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Fantasy/Goddess/Time Travel
Rating: Erotic
Publication date: February 2008
ISBN: 9781604351323
Length: 15,122 words
Format: e-book
Reviewer: Aris

The god Dagda sends his daughters to earth in the hope that they would find love and rekindle the faith in the Geltic gods. Aeval, the Lady of Sexuality was responsible to help mortal men slaves to their wives sexual desires. Now she is to find love of her own. With only a tiny lovebird ash her companion she is thrust into humanity knowing her powers would slowly dwindle away. Landing in the heart of London she was on her own.

Andrew Wright was ready to give her harp lessons, at least that was the memory he had of a previous discussion with April (Aeval) thanks to her dad. To his surprise he began to have feeling for her that he thought were long dead. He wanted her. With her wonderful antique harp in the corner he was able to keep his mind distracted from his need for her, until he found out she was a sex therapist, a profession he found difficult to understand. As the harp lessons progress so does their desire for one another.

An interesting fantasy of goddess’s come to earth. It is quite a nice little story without a lot of pretence. You get a nice warm feeling as the characters undergo a change of heart as they spend more time together. Wonderful for a bedtime story.
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