REVIEW: The Knowing ~ Larraine Wills ~ Swimming Kangaroo Books ~ Fantasy/Historical

Title: The Knowing
Author: Larraine Wills
Website of Author:
Publisher: Swimming Kangaroo Books
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Fantasy/Historical Romance
Publication Date: October 2006
ISBN: Paperback: 1-934041-12-2 , MS Reader 1-934041-11-4
Length: 293 pages
Format: Paperback, MS Reader, eBook, Mobi, PDF, HTML

Garran of Lockmer-orphan, soldier, Governor of Sheritan—is surrounded by conspiracies of priests desiring his death and an army desiring to control Sheritan and make slaves of its people. Garran pays a high price for evacuating the people from the town when he is caught first by the High Priest and tortured, then handed over to the army captain, Caslow, also to torture—the High Priest because of hatred and Caslow because Caslow thinks Garran caused the disappearance of the Princess who he wanted to marry.

Princess Fayahstella, escapes from her castle to arrive at Sheritan for sanctuary and in the process develops a hatred for the way she is kept from life experiences any woman needs to become a whole person. She revolts and disappears for a time. Several things stand in the way of Garran and Fayahstella creating a relationship of any kind, but none can be sought until the conspiracies are dealt with and obliterated. It will not be easy.

Larriane Wills has done a superb job creating the characters, setting, dialog and other elements to make The Knowing a great story. The events flow smoothly and naturally from beginning to end. I’ve not been much of a fan of historical romance, but this one is the best of those I have read and I eagerly await Ms. Wills next book.

About the Author:

I have been an avid reader from the time I could pick up a book. When a book was available, I made up my own stories though I didn’t set any to paper until my early twenties and then only put them away when finished. Just over a year ago I decided to ‘do something’ with my writing. I now have four books under contract with the first to be released in Sept. I live in a quiet rural area of the Arizona high country with my husband and pets.

Reviewer: Lucille P Robinson

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