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Title: The Indulgences of Isabelle
Author: Penny Birch
Website of Author:
Publisher: Nexus
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Erotica
Publication date: November 11, 2008
ISBN: 035234198X
ISBN 13 : 978-0352341983
Length: 256 pages
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Reviewer: Michael

Penny Birch At Her Naughty Best!

The Indulgences of Isabelle, the latest offering from prolific erotica author Penny Birch is the fourth book in her Isabelle series, and shows Isabelle Colraine and her kinky friends – and foes – at their sexiest, hottest, rudest best…..and worst.

The rudest and worst are the scheming lengths which Isabelle’s rivals will go to indulge their obsession to sexually and physically dominate the beautiful young university student, and the bottom warming and messy results visited upon her and a few others. The best and sexiest is that we get an erotic front row seat to Isabelle’s misadventures provided by the sensual, often lewd, always stimulating prose of Penny Birch.

Now in her third year at Oxford Isabelle has gathered together, often at the cost of great pain and indignity to herself, a group of women who richly indulge their inner sexual feelings. Some as Dominants demanding the ultimate thrill of controlling, governing and punishing other women, others as submissives craving to be taken in hand and be made to embrace their subservient, and in some cases slavish, nature. But while Isabelle sees herself as dominant there are others in the group who feel that one so young needs first to submit before earning the right to dominant other women, which only comes with maturity and age. Isabelle herself is conflicted and feels the strong sexual tug between having women submit to her and yearning for her own submission to strong women and certain men. Usually those who treat her the rudest and nastiest, pushing her boundaries and taking her places and unleashing emotions she never thought possible or even knew existed within her darkest depths.

This is the quandary Isabelle finds herself in; is she dominant or submissive, straight or lesbian? Which is her true self, or is the simple answer she is both? A bisexual who enjoys the soft flesh of a woman and the rough hardness of a man. A switch who at times needs to be in charge, feeling the electric jolt of dominating women, making them bend to her will and whim. At other times needing the sweet but painful surrender of submitting and being taken by stern women and harsh men. To be taught to obey and serve in order to be free to do things a young college girl should not even think let alone experience.

This is the reason of all Penny Birch’s many protagonist’s in her many novels Isabelle has always been one my favorites. This confusion, trying to find the real her amid a conflicting swirl of emotions. Like most of us when young we think we know everything until we are brought up short with emotions and urges lying deep within, untapped and untouched until a wiser person helps us to discover this unknown part of ourselves.

At the conclusion of The Indulgences of Isabelle it seems Isabelle has finally discovered her inner self, her true self. I only hope that Penny Birch is already writing the next chapter in Isabelle’s journey as I want to go along on this highly erotic and satisfying ride.


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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