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The Gold Eagle Mystery by John Russo

Reviewed by Lucille P. Robinson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Be prepared to be surprised.

The Gold Eagle Mystery is a short story set in the 1800s in America. Ethan Edwards, a Pinkerton Detective, investigates his first big case: Every Wells Fargo office along the Union Pacific railroad is robbed. All the robberies have the same aspects: each Wells Fargo office had a Gold Eagle Model 31B safe, the safe door was found open without damage, no forced entry through door or window. The investigation led him out west which was his first trip into the new territory. His investigation led him back to Cincinnati where he talked to the people who made the safe. Then back to the last town on the list where he found himself in danger the closer he got to the truth.

An ordinary tale of mystery, but one set apart by the unexpected. Ethan Edwards attacks the problem at hand with all the tricks he has learned thus far as a Pinkerton Detective. Training is one thing, but, he finds out, that putting that training into practice isn’t as easy as it seems.

I like the story by John Russo very much and believe that any lover of mysteries would also. It is a story patterned after the greatest mystery writers and the one that comes to my mind first is Agatha Christie. Ms. Christie was an expert at planting clues, having her detectives ask the right questions, and finally bringing the reader to a satisfying closure. This is such a tale. Be prepared to be surprised.

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