REVIEW: The Comet Cometh, The Swithin Chronicles 3 by Sharon Marie Bidwell from Loose-id LLC

Title: The Comet Cometh, The Swithin Chronicles 3
Author: Sharon Maria Bidwell
Website of Author:
Publisher: Loose-id LLC
Website of Publisher:
Genre: LBGT Polyamorous Fantasy
Publication date: April 2008
Rating: Adult – Explicit sexual content
ISBN: 978-1-59632-666-8
Length: Novel Plus
Format: e-book

WOW Again. Sharon is a master storyteller.

Markis returns to the palace and faces his fathers displeasure at having married the Azulite instead of destroying her and her people. He is also not thrilled with Markis choosing to take Uly to his bed. But all that is nothing since he is dying. Markis is crowned King and begins his reign. Stargazer his chief adversary continues to incite Markis to anger and someone it trying to kill Uly. Not safe even inside the palace they seek to find the traitor, while protecting Markis and those closes to him.

With all the trials of governing his people Markis also has to build his relationship with Tessa, Uly and Rayanac. Rayanac mother understands better than they think and sums up their unhappiness with the observation that Rayanac and Uly need to complete their relationship so that the three men form a triangular relationship of being samir to each other. When that is accomplished she predicts that Tessa will find her fulfilment as well.

This book continues the fantastic view into the complexity of the human mind and heart. Markis, Rayanac, Uly and Tessa continue to sort through emotions as they try to form a cohesive family of sorts. There is passion, sex, love, laughter, arguments, and giving trust.

Tessa struggles against the Swithin culture as she talks on the role of Queen. Deep, complex and passionate, this book has the makings of a classic. And though it seems to be a conclusion to this trilogy I certainly hope the story will continue or expand to include others, as I don’t want this saga to come to an end. It will definitely be in my re-read library.

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