#Review: The Binding Song @ElodieITV ‏ A well written, atmospheric, haunting read! @MulhollandUK

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The Binding Song by Elodie Harper

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A well written, atmospheric, haunting read!

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I am reviewing the book, The Binding Song, by Elodie Harper. Here are my thoughts:

^^ Set mainly in a prison setting, there is a huge sense of claustophobia envoloping the characters, trapped an unable to escape a mystery eyeless woman who is hell bent on revenge, but why?

^^ Wanting answers made this a fast read for me, especially as the main character could escape to her own home at night. Although that’s not much of a consolation. She’s recently moved, finds she’s living in the home of the previous psychologist who has gone missing, and she’s all alone. The staff are not at all friendly with her, she’s lonely, and the house is creepy and unwelcoming. Wouldn’t it be awful not feeling comfortable in your own home? Not that she ever felt like it was really her ‘home’.

^^ I loved this story. It’s well written with spooky theme, and I have to admit I often read this late at night, which freaked me out at times.

^^ This reads very much like a Stephen King novel where a realistic, contemporary story twists out of shape as the seemingly supernatural starts to haunt the minds of each character.

Overall: This is a very atmospheric story of murder, mystery and the supernatural. I loved that throughout I felt a foreboding sense of doom surrounding the main protagonist and all those who came across the ghostly stalker.

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    This sounds intriguing *adds to list* – thanks for linking this up to the British Books Challenge x

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