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The Angels by Alex Kane

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It takes a good woman to take down a bad man

Amber. As the top performer at Angel Silk gentleman’s club, she’s seen it all, been forced to do things she never wanted to do. She’s tired of this life… but can she escape it?

Lizzy. To the women at Angel Silk, she’s the strong queen bee, mother to the girls. But she’s hiding her own dark secrets – and if they come to light, her life could be destroyed.

Jade. The newest dancer at Angel Silk, she’s innocent, beautiful… and trapped. She’s in over her head – but does she have the strength to break free?

Three women, all under the control of feared gangster, Marcus. To take back their lives, they need to come together. But will he let them go – or will finding freedom mean paying the ultimate price?

A completely addictive, gripping and gritty gangland thriller that will have you hooked. If you like Martina Cole, Kimberly Chambers or Jacqui Rose, you will love this nail-biting read.

Readers can’t get enough of Alex Kane’s twisty, dark, gripping thrillers…


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Author Alex Kane

Alex Kane is a psychological thriller writer who lives in Glasgow. She is a huge fan of the genre, with her favourite authors in the genre being Lisa Hall, BA Paris and Sarah Stovell. If she is not writing, she can be found drinking tea or gin, taking cat selfies and obsessing over Tom Hardy.
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The Angels by Alex Kane – Review 

We hear the stories of Amber, Jade, Crystal and Yasmin, who work at the Angel Silk gentleman’s club, under the keen eyes of the brothers, Marcus and Tommy. Many of them have been wooed into working there, and once in – and they realise their relationships have been a big con –  and they can’t get out. On top of that the girls don’t remain ‘just dancers’ for long. It’s a terrible and frightening situation to find themselves in, especially when they were all very vulnerable to start with. Those that dare try to stand up to the men and punters, instantly regret it. 

When some of the girls start to disappear they realise what is happening and in an effort to stay alive they plan their escape. But the brothers would not take kindly to them if they catch them. Even the Madam, Lizzie who usually looks after her girls, turns on them. She has a secret of which she is being blackmailed about and has no other choice than to look after herself in order to survive. She’s just as much trapped as the girls with no way out. 

The Angels, blew me away! I read this fast and furiously eager to see the main protag get out alive. I thought it was well-written, very suspenseful and would make a fabulous film. In fact, not long after I read this, I watched  Oloture (also about human trafficking) on Netflix. It’s a very similar story, and if you loved that, you’ll love this a lot too!  

My heart went out to these poor girls. I felt their fear and trepidation, and their ultimate race to get out alive made my heart race, too. What makes this story almost one of horror, is that women are living like this, and this is really happening around the world. One of the best psychological thrillers, with a gangster element, I’ve read this year! 

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