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Tempted by the Bridesmaid by Annie O’NeilTempted by the Bridesmaid (Italian Royals)

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I’m reviewing Tempted By The Bridesmaid by Annie O’Neil. Here are my thoughts:

^^ I’ve always loved a wide range of genres and lately, I’ve started reading more Mills and Boon Romances, and they really do have a wide selection to choose from these days. This was my first foray into the Medical Line (Mills and Boon Medical) Italian Royals Book 1, and I must say it was an absolute pleasure to read.

^^ Annie O’Neil writes Francesca Martinelli’s bubbly character in a fabulously chatty style. Right from the start I was pulled in by the story which starts Fran in an Italian church about to object about her best friend, Beatrice, getting married at the altar! Well, it did not go down well. The best man, Italian surgeon Luca Montovano, was not at all happy with her, either.

^^ Thankfully, I’ve never seen that happen in real life, but you can imagine how difficult that must be knowing something the bride (your best friend) doesn’t and having no choice but to tell her in front of everyone!

^^ Whilst still in Italy, intending to spend the summer at a New Medical Clinic, she bumps into Luca and he’s not particularly happy to see her again. Despite this, they do feel a connection to each other, but Luca is not having any of it. However, it doesn’t take Fran long to realise that Luca’s worries go much deeper than she first thought.

Overall: A romantic, well-written tale, which mixes a good blend of rich Italian Royals with a medical romance, which – all in all – made it a terrific cosy read by the fire with a hot cup of cocoa and some much loved peace and quiet.

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