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Tell Me No Lies by Lisa HallTell Me No Lies

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I am reviewing the book, Tell Me No Lies, by Lisa Hall. Here are my thoughts:

^^ Starting afresh, Steph and Mark have decided to give their rocky marriage another go; not an easy task for anyone after an affair has wrecked the stability of their love, and it’s especially difficult to avoid the elephant in the room when someone is hell bent on ruining Steph’s life. But who?

^^ Written in first person from Steph’s point of view is a great choice for this story, as author, Lisa Hall, can really delve into Steph’s character allowing us to read her thoughts and feelings about what is happening to her.

^^ Whilst reading, my heart went out to Steph several times. I found some parts of this story made me hold my breath, my heart race, and I just couldn’t put the book down for needing the ‘big reveal’ at the end. Oh, the tension. I love it when a book does that to me!

^^ Who is sending Steph dead posies? Why are her friends giving up on her? Where can she turn for help if no one seems to believe her? Is there anyone she can actually trust? All questions that piqued my interest further.

^^ Without giving away spoilers I will try to offer some cryptic suggestions for improvement; I did, unfortunately, find the coat saga too obvious for words, and thought more could have been done to reduce the ‘coat hints’ (am I too picky?). Plus, towards the end one character reveals a bit too much, and I think this could have been a little more subtle leaving the monster who was responsible an even bigger ‘reveal’ scene.

Overall: Despite my suggestions offered for improvement (and I hope it’s seen as constructive criticism), I really did enjoy reading ‘Tell Me No Lies’ , and as I raced towards the conclusion I suddenly felt like I was hit in the face by a brick with a delightful, shocking ending that I loved. Terrific! Can’t wait to read more of Lisa Hall’s work.

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