REVIEW: Sweet as Sin by Felix Baron – Nexus Books (Virgin)

Title: Sweet as Sin
Author: Felix Baron
Publisher: Nexus Books (Virgin)
Publish Date: October 2007
Genre: Erotica / Contemporary
ISBN-10: 0352341343
Length: 240 pages
Format: Print

There are some people who just drift along and take life as it comes, and there are others, like protagonist Trixie Sanders, and her nineteen year old daughter, Penny, who know what they want and how to get it. Whilst on holiday, looking for love, they find their perfect matches—wealthy widower Rolf, and his son, Andrew. Within hours, Rolf is on the verge of giving up his celibacy and looking to make up for lost time, which is a blessing for Mum Trixie and her insatiable hunger for innovative sex. Among all this depravity, they even have time for a spot of tennis, too. But when Trixie twists her ankle, Rolf soon learns how to fetch, carry and be at her beck and call. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

Not so innocent Penny is literally, as the book title suggests, sweet as sin. Too virginal for her own good. As with most men, her ‘no penetration’ rule drives young Andrew wild with desire. See chaps, there is a method to our madness! In addition, needy Andrew is not the only one having palpitations at the sight of Penny’s exposed young tempting flesh, yet his dad Rolf being the gentleman that he is does his very best to hide his deceiving protruding bits. I know, you’re dying to know how long he can keep it up!

In true Nexus style, and some very naughty positions later, Rolf and Andrew are transformed into besotted lovers. The bait is taken, their fate is sealed, and wedding plans are on the horizon. Do not, however, mistake this book for a slushy romance. It’s erotica, through and through, and beneath several energetic romps and well written, graphic smutty scenes, this reader got a feeling something more sinister was going down. Besides the panties, that is.

As the novel continues the pace of the book increases and the mood changes. More so when it is revealed that a persistent heavy breather appears to be following Penny and her mum with every house move. With danger possibly round any corner, Rolf is forced to take on the protector role giving young Penny a revolver and some target practice. The shocking twist in the tale is cleverly served by author Felix Baron with the aplomb of a veteran, bringing the last few chapters of the book to a final, fatal climax. In my opinion it’s a winner, game, set and match!


Angelika Devlyn

Originally posted on ERWA

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Author: Angelika Devlyn

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