REVIEW: Surrender: Bound Hearts 1 by Lora Leigh from Ellora’s Cave

Title: Bound Hearts Series, Books 1-7
Author: Lora Leigh
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Website of Publisher:

This is a delightful series of sexual adventure of a group of men and their fall into the arms of a woman. Each book in this series revolves around a group of men who have an interesting idea of how to please a woman. The men each belong to a private men’s club but even beyond that they have developed a tight friendship and many have business interests in common. The core of that friendship is that they like to dominate their women. When the time comes to truly claim them they choose a second and treat their woman to a ménage she will never forget.

Nicknamed the Trojans, these men know how to please a woman, but their reputations precede them and scare some women away. Others become bold enough to try to catch their men and make their own rules. Cole Andrews and Tess Delacourte are featured in Surrender. James Wayman and Ella Delacourte (Tess’ mother) are featured in Submission. His twin brother Jesse Wayman and Terri Wayman (widow of older brother Thomas) have their story told in Seduction. Twins Lucian and Devril Conover master Tally Raines in Wicked Intent. In Sacrifice the story of Jared Raddington and his step sister Kimberly Madison (the Senator’s daughter) is told. Embraced tells the story of Saxon Brogan and Marey Dumont. Saxon not only seduces her but protects her from a crazy ex-husband. And in Shameless we hear all about Ian Sinclair and his ultimate match, Courtney Mattlaw.

This is not a new series but a good one. Believe me you will want to get to know them all.

Title: Surrender: Bound Hearts 1
Author: Lora Leigh
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Website of Publisher:
Genre: BDSM
Rating: E-rotic
ISBN: 1-84360-430-2
Length: Novella
Format: eBook

Tess had been fighting her attraction to Cole for two years. He was dynamic and sexy and she would love to have him in her bed for a night under normal circumstances, however he had already warned her in very stark language that when he had her alone in bed she would be tied and used in some very erotic and not ‘normal’ ways. She was scared to death. Cole was tired of waiting. He had informed Tess of how is was going to be and told her when she was ready to just ask and he would fulfill her every need. That was two years ago and the time had come to just claim her and stop waiting for her to make the move. By the end of the week she would be his in every way.

This is a great example of taking control. She really wanted to be controlled but was so afraid of letting go. She even taunted him with the ‘make me’ attitude. She needed someone stronger than herself to nudge her off the fence and into the world she wanted. Her love for him kept her close by, but her fear of submitting kept her running away.

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Reviewer: Aris

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