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Staying Sharp for Dummies by Timothy E. Parker

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I am reviewing the Staying Sharp For Dummies by American Geriatrics Society (AGS), Health in Aging Foundation. By the way, I am not a geriatric, I thought it would just be good to learn what I can to stay sharp as early on in life as possible! (Haha!) Here are my thoughts:

^^ This book is chock full of information, and so it should be at nearly 600 pages long. You need quite some strength to lift this book up in order to read it!

^^ I found it very good for explaining what was actually involved in staying sharp, and how I can benefit from it; reducing stress and improving memory recall and a laser focus is all part of the package if I regularly set aside time to work on my brain.

^^ Exercises and tips are provided throughout the book, including ideas of how to reduce your stress through proper organisational skills and clearing away clutter. Who’d have thought it?

^^ The only thing I’d change with this edition is to enlarge some of the font. However, as the book is already 600 pages long I can see why the font size was kept down in places. It’s massive.

Overall: This is much more interesting than I thought it would be. I’ve always thought it’s wise to maintain a healthy body through exercise and now I see that it’s just as important to keep my brain stimulated just as regularly and that includes feeding and relaxing it correctly, too.
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